Photo talent Christen Vidanovic

Re-Generate is a group of individuals inspired to create connection and regenerative health and well-being. Our goal is to make integration the norm in a world based in fragmentation. We aim to facilitate opportunities which link the mind body, and soul; connect with individuals, our neighbors, and our communities; fuse resources, ideas, and problem-solvers; connect with humankind to affect change, and inspire re-generative communities, and intentional relationships. 


Through movement: Our facilitated movement classes combine intentional yoga, music, acupuncture and massage to provide a collective healing experience. 

Through workshops: Our workshops allow space to delve deeper into community connection through movement, interaction and reflection. 

Through call to action days: We proudly support and seek opportunities to combine forces with local efforts to improve our communities and environment. Through partnering with different organizations we create opportunities to get involved, create change and regenerate society and individuals alike. 



Sustainability Isn't enough 

Our vision is rooted in the belief that in order to solve world problems we need to dream beyond sustainability. We believe that we can consciously create a world where we empower one another and the environment at large to be a regenerative source of life. Our philosophy is simple ; connect and heal.  Our temple is here in our own community, our own body and our own mind. Here at Re-generate Denver we strive to dream beyond sustainability because we believe that we need to set the bar higher to co-create. Our movement starts with physical movement and a foundation of uniting. 



When & Where? Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming classes, workshops, and call to action days.